IFTTT for iPhone

IFTTT has done it again with another great release! This is one of our favorite services on the web right now. They help “put the internet to work” for you with tools that are easily linked to work together. If you are not familiar with IFTTT it stands for.. “if this then that” which explains how it works.

For example with the iphone app you have several new options to tap into including contacts, photos and reminders. A few great recipes that we like are:

  • If I add a new contact then add it to a Google spreadsheet
  • iPhone photos added to an album automatically goto Dropbox! (goodbye icloud)
  • Siri to Evernote (this one will be interesting)
  • Send yourself an SMS high-five when you complete a reminder

Download the app and unlock three new Channels for iPhone: Contacts, Photos, and Reminders (with more to come). Create and use Recipes around the things you do on the go: snapping screenshots, adding new contacts, completing reminders, and organizing your photo albums.

IFTTT for iPhone is our first step towards bringing the power of IFTTT to all of your devices. Put the iPhone to work for you.