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First off, we want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who is supporting us with this big release!

We have been working super hard on pushing out REI Avenue’s – Build Your New Website Course. This course includes all the tools, lessons, and how’s tos you need to build an excellent and feature rich website for your landlord business. But we’re not quite ready yet.. With a little over a week left until the official release date (10/7) we wanted to make a pre-release sale due to the demand and all the questions we are getting.


What do I get right now!

With this pre-release sale you get:

  1. A discount!
  2. Access to our support team here
  3. Access to the first part of the series the “Build it” course
  4. A 4th Bonus content course
  5. & a head start on your competition.

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Build Your Property Management Website


What is REI Avenue?

This course gives you everything you need to build your WordPress Property Management website. We cover everything from a great foundation, to producing content, sharing your site on social networking sites and making it easy to edit your site.

We provide great tips throughout this series on how to attract customers, what the recommended pages are, how to list your properties and more!


* 38 hands on lessons via video so you can see how its done
* Check off lists to help you keep track of your setup
* 30 Days of Support: A chance to email your questions for the first 30 days, starting on the day you sign up. If you are experiencing a problem with your theme, wondering about a plugin, or something else, we are here to help!
* 4 Bonus lessons for taking your website to the top

When you’re done you will have a very powerful and feature rich property management website.

What does support mean?

In our case, support means that you can email us, directly, and we’ll answer. We’ll help you set up your new site and if something is not working, we’ll give you advice on specific settings and answer all of your questions. Typically we answer via video so you can see what was done and how to do it. I don’t think you need more of a reason to buy the course, but over time, we’ll be adding more premium-bonus videos after we launch.

Want to buy now? Go ahead! Pre-release sale

Build Your Property Management Website