Did you know you’re About Us or About page is typically the second most visited page on most websites? It’s because people like working with people and they want to learn more about you, real estate and your company.

Typically on real estate websites you will see the classic mug shot with you in something nice up against a colored wall. Recently real estate agents have been adding a little bit more of themselves into these pictures with shots of them with dogs, or hiking or [insert hobby here]. While there is a place for both its nice to see a little personality shining through.

Now is a great time to boost your About page by updating it! Most of the time it’s created when your site is created so updating it yearly should be the minimum because you change and so does your niche, designations, brokerages and more.

Tips to refresh your About Page

  • Introduce yourself
  • Remember the mantra: What’s In It For Me?
  • Sharing, Who the Blog is For
  • Being Personal – but not too personal
  • Determine the goal of your About page
  • Always end with a call to action

Once you have updated and refreshed your About Page – please link to it below in comments so we can check it out (I’m sure we could all learn a lot about creating great About Pages through seeing how each other does it). Our is here.