Cheap Real Estate Call Forwarding

Do you have a phone number you need to keep with the real estate commission or board? Most Realtors, investors do! Typically they have a landline that forwards to a cell phone number and the landline can be expensive because no one uses it.

We are here to save you a few bucks and show you how to reduce your bill from an average of $30/m to $1/m. We have a Qwest bill for $33 ish dollars to hold a phone number and we love to save money.

Enter in Twilio

Twilio is a service that helps you build apps around phone numbers, calls, and SMS. Typically you build apps with code but they have a wonderful tool named: Studio which allows you to build apps without any code.

You will need a Twilio account to get started. Sign up with our link and get a free $10 credit at no additional cost to you. We also get a $10 credit so we can make more Twilio videos like this one.

Signup for Twilio Here

Cheap Real Estate Call Forwarding Guide

Twilio Pricing is based on a credit system. You pay $10 into their system and it deducts money out of your credits as you use their service. Similar to a utility company when you turn on the light you pay. Thankfully it is very cheap.

For example, someone calls you for 1 min at $0.0085/min and you have a $1/m phone number so the month costs you $1.0085. Twilio deducts this from the $10 and you have $8.9915 left over.

They also offer auto-reload, just like your Starbucks card.

If this was helpful in any way would love to know. Please connect with us here.