REI Avenue provides tools, courses, and resources to help you manage your rental property more efficiently.

DIY Rental

Reduce your paperwork headaches. Have your potential tenants submit their applications online.

Collect application fees and tailor the application to how you want it.

Build a custom rental property application that you control and provides your tenants with an online solution.

24/7 Rental
Hotline Course

Give people a number they can call 24/7 to learn more about your rental properties and where to find more info.

Reduce the time you and your team spends on the phone with a rental hotline.

Build a custom phone experience that informs prospective tenants on how to qualify, info about the property and what to do next.


Look professional with branded emails from your company name instead of using your personal email account.

Upgrade your email from [email protected] to [email protected]