24/7 Rental Hotline Course

Give people a number they can call 24/7

This course teaches you how to build a Rental Property hotline

Potential tenants call your number To learn more about your rental properties and where to find more info.

Reduce the time you and your team spends on the phone with a rental hotline.

Build a custom phone experience that informs prospective tenants on how to qualify, info about the property and what to do next.

Cost / Service Pricing

Twilio Service Pricing Breakdown

Twilio's Billing is based on credits. For example, you add $20.00 to your account and the fees are deducted from the account. You can have it automatically notify you or fill the account when needed.

Local Phone Number Cost

  • $1.00 per month
  • Making Calls $ 0.0130/ min (except Alaska)
  • Recieivng Calls $ 0.0085/ min + $1.00 / mo

Toll-Free Numbers

  • $2.00 per month
  • Making Calls $ 0.0130/ min
  • Receiving Calls $ 0.0220/ min + $2.00 / mo

Studio Flow Pricing

  • $0.001 per flow execution (Your first 1,000 flow executions per month are free)

Programmable SMS

  • Starting at $0.0075 to send or receive a message. SEE DETAILS

Programmable Voice

  • Starting at $0.0085/min to receive and $0.013/min to make a call.

Real World Example

We have 1 phone number on a rental property sign that remained in a yard for 30 days.

  • 19 People Called on 1 Sign for a cost of $2.38 for June and July of 2019
  • The Rest of the year we have a cost of $1.00 per month to hold the phone number