We are here to help YOU get ahead online! REI Avenue was born with the idea that not all property managers, landlords, or investors want to spend the dollars it takes to build a custom website, when they don't have too!

Our Story

We are a WordPress for Real Estate web site design shop in Colorado Springs, Colorado and we have helped hundreds of people get setup with WordPress based real estate web sites. This includes property managers, builders, agents and even brokerages.

As a web site design agency, we originally focused on small business as a whole but have now shifted gears towards Real Estate and we have never looked back. After helping various managers, real estate agents and brokerages, we saw a real need for great design, excellent training, great support and a big need for guided steps to make sense of tech, blogs, social media, etc. So REI Avenue was born.

wordpress for real estateWe Love WordPress… So Why WordPress?

Its free! WordPress is committed to providing a great platform to users that is both free and easy to use. WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website . We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. Gone is the day of being stuck on some platform that doesn’t grow with you. Learn More About WordPress at WordPress.org

Then why REI Avenue?

After teaching classes, creating 100+ how to videos and walking people just like YOU through the process of setting up a WordPress website, adding great features and training on the benefits of blogging. We decided to provide all of this to the industry as a whole and we have added it all to this site.

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WordPress for Property Managers & Landlords

REI Avenue, is not only a great resource for WordPress or tech help, we also teach you and train your staff on how to setup WordPress sites and everything in between for you. After your setup and ready... you have full control of your site. We merely helped you get there. You own your content… you own your data … and you can easily add, remove and update your WordPress web site without having to spend more money!